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"When Chloe (p4) first started lessons with Mastermind, she was not able to focus well on a given task. Her processing speed and analytical skills were lacking as well. After attending four modules of the Mastermind programme, her attention span and concentration has improved tremendously. In class, she was also able to cope with the academic demands of her school work. She has also shown an improvement in her mental calculation skills."

"As for my other daughter Letitia (p6), she used to fail badly in Math tests. After going through intensive lessons with teacher Fenn, she managed to get a respectable 'B' grade in her PSLE exams. She overcame her lack of confidence when it came solving Math problems."
Mrs yeo
Parent of Letitia (p6) and Chloe (p4)
"When I first attended the Mastermind programme, I was not a confident individual. I had poor memory skills which affected my studies. Through the Mastermind Programme, I've learnt many hard and soft skills that helped me grow as a person. Mastermind's learning environment is great. Teacher Fenn never fails to engage us with fun and challenging activities. She encourages all of us to participate actively in class. There's always a lively atmosphere. It is through this environment which I've built up my confidence to communicate more effectively. I am now more confident, outspoken and self-motivated. The program has also helped my attain good grades consistently. She teaches me to manage stress and also to think creatively and positively when I'm in a difficult situation. I'm grateful that i managed to score 7As this term exam. She is also someone I also trust enough to confide with my problems."
Lim ying ying
Student, sec2
"My memory was rather poor before joining Mastermind. I was struggling to remember even seven words. After attending Mastermind, my memory has improved drastically. I can now memorise a passage with 150-200 words in 15 minutes. My logical thinking has improved too. Initially, I was not be able to solve even one puzzle and I would feel upset. However the programme has taught me to look at problems from different perspectives and approach them more logically. The skills I learnt really helped me improve my grades progressively every year without tuition. Teacher Fenn also motivates me to think positively. Now whenever i encounter a problem, I look at them as experiences which will make me stronger.
Shanne ng
Student, sec1
"My twin boys started attending the programme when they were 6 years old. It's been almost a year now and they are enjoying the lessons. I'm glad that while having fun, they have learnt how to think systematically, improve their attention span and concentration."

"Now in p1, Yu Teck demonstrates creativity in his drawings and is more focused and determined when solving math problems. Yu Hong has acquired better memory which helps in both Mandarin and English spelling. Most importantly, I see them using thinking more positively and systematically in their everyday lives. I am glad that teacher Fenn is able to impart these skills which will benefit them in the future.
mrs teo
Parent of Yu Teck (p1) and Yu Hong (p1)
"En Ci has been attending teacher Fenn's classes since last year. I saw the improvement in her confidence level as well as mathematics skills. Thank you."
Mrs lee
Parent of En Ci (p1)
"Renae has been on the Mastermind programme for almost a year. We have noticed an improvement in her attention span and logical thinking. Most importantly, Renae has enjoyed the lessons. Thank you for your dedication in teaching her."
mrs koh
Parent of Renae (p3)
"Ever since attending the Mastermind programme, my memory has improved greatly. I realise that I can absorb the content being taught in schools better now. The programme also helped me to increase my concentration level which enabled me to focus better than before. I'm very happy that I achieved a PSLE score of 247."
Jamie neo
Student, p6
"Teacher Fenn's lessons taught me to focus more and be confident in who I am. These skills enable me to better prepare for my exams. Thanks to her help, I've upgraded from NT to NA."
cleve lhui
Student, sec2
"My two nieces, Ying Ying and Ru Han love the Mastermind programme. The lessons are filled with fun, interesting activities which involved critical thinking, puzzles and mind-mapping. The classes are lively, engaging and highly interactive. I see the development in their learning abilities after joining the Mastermind programme. Their academic grades have improved. I'm grateful that they are no longer reluctant to study or afraid of failure."
ms wendy
Aunt to Ying Ying (p6) and Ru Han (p3)
"Jing En has attended the Mastermind programme for six months now. I've noticed that her work has improved and she is more positive now. She often tells me about the fun and interesting class activities. There was a day when she reminded me to stay positive as I was going through a rough period, it was very heart-warming. I look forward to seeing her continued growth under this fine programme."
mrs tan
Parent of Jing En (p2)
"Bryan has attended the Mastermind program for about 11 months and we have seen improvements in him in regards to his attention span and memory power tremendously.  I remembered the very first time when I taught him spelling, he would see and forget the moment he turned away. No matter how many approaches and how long I tried, it’s to no avail. I was stricken as I’d not encounter this problem with my two elder one. It was really an agony. The whole situation turned when I met Teacher Fenn. From see-and-forget to full marks for every Spelling test. It is indeed a great achievement! I was very grateful to Teacher Fenn. Apparently, Bryan and his brother are attending Mastermind program. Fenn conducts her lessons in a lively manner and each lesson is challenging and highly enjoyable. Both children look forward to Sunday every week! Fenn, I wish I could have met you earlier. Thanks for your advice and patience. You are amazing and I will tell all my friends about you."
ms yeo
Parent of Branden (p3) and Bryan (k2)
"Despite only attending three modules of Mastermind programme, Samantha (P5) has shown tremendous improvement in her schoolwork. She is also quicker in her logical thinking skills and possess a more positive mindset that Teacher Fenn has imbued into her. Sasha (P3) is now able to concentrate for longer periods of time and also use the many methods learnt at Mastermind to complete daily school work more efficiently, such as spelling, solving maths problems etc. Teacher Fenn has always been encouraging my girls along and is definitely a good and patient role model."
mrs ng
Parent of Samantha & Sasha
"Mastermind has certainly helped me in aspects of concentration, logic, creativity and so much more! Every week, I look forward to the lessons as they are fun and enriching at the same time, allowing me to relax yet training my brain to work harder. Teacher Fenn really takes the time to get to know and understand her students, customising the activities to suit each student. She ensures we improve every week, even if it’s just a little bit. I am grateful too for Mastermind teaching me all the necessary skills to excel in school. The best mind training program I have ever attended!"
Isabelle Chan
Student, p6
"自从昱程上了你的几节课后, 他回来告诉我,心算和记忆力都进步了,他也学的很开心,上完 这个课程后他还想继续。我在这里衷心谢谢您对昱程教导。感恩!"
Parent of Yu Cheng (p3)
"Through almost a year of Mastermind brain training, I think my memory capacity has increased progressively, and I could concentrate on my studies better. Teacher Fenn taught me multiple ways on how to remember both pictures and words fast and efficiently. Some include: forming a story using the pictures or words given as you can recall a story better. She also suggested to try to make my personalised story funny as one can remember unusual thing better. I also have a better understanding on how to mind map --- brainstorming ideas on a given topic. Besides improving on my brainpower, I have also improved my mental skills in solving math problem sums quickly and getting them correct; and in memorising an essay. She taught me, when reading a story, to visualise the story as our brain remembers pictures better than words. What I like best about the course is that the same experienced trainer, Teacher Fenn, teaches us personally throughout. This ensures quality and enables her to monitor every student’s progress. Some enrichment centres have different assistants taking the class through the year. This is what makes Mastermind stand out from other enrichment centres. I find Teacher Fenn a friendly and caring teacher. She would try to get everyone involved in the class game. She would give us quizzes that appear challenging but are actually simple ones that do not require us to think too much if we can think out of the box. Of all the brain training games that we played, I enjoyed “racing” with my classmates in the maze game the most. After completing a maze race, we would see a picture out of the vertical and horizontal lines. There was some sense of satisfaction I got when I accomplished one. In conclusion, I would like to thank Teacher Fenn for her effort in coaching me, helping me improve in every way."
Pok Jing
Student, p6
"Noreen Chieng, P4 joined Mastermind since 2018, had been a fun and enjoyable journey for her. My initial intention is to improve on her focus attention issue that raised by teachers and tutors. After joining 4mths, we realized that she is faster to react and think out of the box in daily life. I believe that all children are smart, just that some are late boomers. Coming to Mastermind, using their tools to expand Logic and Reasoning skills will help a child to be where she will be. At Mastermind, Teacher Fenn is patient and always encourage Noreen to try out new challenging questions. Noreen had progressed well for the year and is a more creative child. She will continue with the program in 2019. I hope more parents can understand the needs of your children and improve on their weak area. Thank You Mastermind."
Parent of Noreen Chieng (p4)
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