About Us

How Mastermind Started

With a strong grounding in child psychology and development, Fenn Hong pursued her passion of inspiring children and making a difference in their lives. As a brain-training teacher, her commitment, care and responsibility has resulted in a strong rapport with many parents over the years. Having over a decade of teaching experience as a senior cognitive trainer, she is always aiming to help more children overcome their learning difficulties and to unleash their fullest potential. Mastermind, established in 2010, accomplishes that goal with its programme based on research done by international cognitive psychologists who we work closely in collaboration with.

Our Vision

As the world grows in complexity overtime, so does the content of subjects in which students are being taught in school. We are constantly improving our techniques to help develop cognitive skills in children from a young age so that they may process that content better and in the process, become effective learners.

Our Goal

To nurture cognitive skills in children so that each one of them is able to achieve academic success and are equipped with lifelong skills useful for every task. 

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