Mastermind (ages 4 - 13)

how do cognitive skills affect the way we learn

Studies have shown that 85 to 90 percent of learning difficulties are linked to poor fundamental cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are core skills the brain uses to process thoughts. Some of these skills include attention, short and long-term memory, auditory and visual processing, logic and reasoning and problem solving. Children with poor cognitive ability are unable to process information effectively and thus struggle to do well in school. We provide the high-quality cognitive development required for students to become effective and efficient learners.

about our programme

The Mastermind programme consists of a wide range of training exercises and physical activities and is conducted in a class of seven students at maximum, ensuring each student’s attention and participation. Each exercise trains the different underlying cognitive skills required for the various academic subjects taught in school. We do not teach academic subject content directly. There are progressive levels of difficulty for each exercise, keeping the brain challenged at all times and working at its optimum performance. Our exercises and activities are also designed to be fun and engaging so as to secure a child’s interest, effort and full participation. With proper cognitive development, students will be able to: 

• Maintain a high level of concentration for long durations

• Retain and recall information from memory when required

• Understand concepts better through logical thinking

• Solve problems through critical thinking 

• Process auditory or visual data quickly 

how it works


We first identify the strengths and weaknesses of your child’s cognitive ability through a test. This allows us to plan activities according to his or her needs.


Your child will then undergo several modules over the following months, with emphasis on activities which help him/her overcome their weaknesses while bolstering their strengths. This gives them the confidence to tackle their weaknesses head on and not be reluctant or afraid when doing so. 


We constantly update parents on their child’s progress, giving them a sense of ease and understanding. We will also try to identify and discuss solutions for any external factors which might affect your child’s learning ability. 

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