Mastermind (ages 5 - 12)

Studies have shown that approximately 85 – 90 percent of learning difficulties are linked to poor fundamental cognitive skills. Many young students experience difficulty with their schoolwork as they are unable to process information effectively due to poor cognitive ability. Cognitive skills are core skills that our brain uses to process information, they include pattern recognition, concentration, perception, memory, language, problem solving and decision making. Our Mastermind programme puts students through a range of interesting and engaging activities, targeting each cognitive skill for maximum stimulation. Here’s our 3 step solution to helping your child unleash their full potential:


We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your child in terms of cognitive ability through a series of tests. This allows us to plan activities according to his or her needs.


Your child will then undergo several modules over the next few months, with emphasis on activities which help him/her overcome their weaknesses while bolstering their strengths. There are progressive levels of difficulty for each activity, keeping the brain challenged at all times and working at its optimum performance. This also gives them the confidence to tackle their weaknesses head on and not be reluctant or afraid when doing so. 


We constantly update parents on their child’s progress, giving them a sense of ease and understanding. We also try to identify and discuss any external factors which might affect your child’s learning ability. 

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